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Feta and Feta Type Cheese


Feta, also known as brine cheese, is a typical cheese from southern Europe - whether as a topping for salads, pizza or pasta, as crispy cheese from the pan or as a spread, feta gives every dish a Mediterranean touch and conjures up a holiday feeling on the plate.

Product variety and use

Brine cheese can be made from different types of milk and therefore has different names:

If brine cheese is made from sheep's and / or goat's milk in Greece, the cheese can be called feta. If it is made from cow's milk, one speaks, for example, of white cheese matured in brine.

Both types of cheese are available from mild to tangy, from firm to creamy. Our portfolio includes a wide range: feta and feta type cheese  blocks, cubes or as a creamy spread. There is the right type of brine cheese for every taste and every occasion. For salads or pasta, feta and feta type cheese are a must. That's why we developed cubes that can be portioned straight away, refined in their natural form, with fresh herbs or aromatic spices. The classic feta and feta type cheese block can be nicely crumbled and used for gratinating or as a meat substitute, fried until golden brown in one piece. In the form of a tangy spread, feta and feta type cheese can also be used as a dip, in sauces and soups or as a classic topping for bread.

Our youngest member of our feta and feta type cheese family is baked cheese - a creamy marinated brine cheese. Prepared in the oven or on the grill, it goes great with fresh salads.

Method of production

The difference to classic cheese production lies in the maturation process. Feta is matured as a block of cheese in a salt bath, which gives it its typically tangy character.