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Grilling cheese and oven cheese


Only meat is proper for grilling or frying? - Not for us!

Our cheese patties are ideal for pan-frying or grilling, because they do not stick on the bottom of the pan or to the grill, they become nice and crispy on the outside and remain juicy and delicate on the inside. This gives variety to the plate, tastes great and is ideal for vegetarians who are in the mood for grilling and tasty pan-fried dishes.

Product variety and use

Our cheese patties are not meant only for hot summer days, but can be enjoyed throughout the year. Roasted golden brown in the pan, our cheese patties taste great both on their own and as a garnish to salad. The cheese patties can be enjoyed in many variations: whether classic, savory, with herbs or as a seasonal variant. Depending on the trend and season, we offer the right variety.

Our tip for perfect enjoyment: do not use the cheese patties straight from the refrigerator, but take them out before and grill or fry them only when they have reached room temperature.

Our youngest member of the pan and grilling cheese family is our Brat-Koch-Grillkäse. The specialty about this cheese is that it absorbs the aromatic spices and herbs that are used for cooking and combines them with its own mild taste when frying. It can be used in different ways: whether as a crispy piece or as golden-brown seared strips or cubes, as a meat substitute or with pasta or salad.

Method production

The Brat-Koch-Grillkäse is not only one of our latest cheese developments, but also a very special one in its production:

Other than the classic cheese production, the milk is not curdled with rennet but by adding natural citric acid. The cheese does not ripen, but can be enjoyed instantly, similar to cream cheese.