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Processed cheese


Processed cheese – that kind of cheese that should not be missing on any juicy burger, sandwich or toast. The special melting properties give dishes a creamy, aromatic note.

Product variety and use

Everyone loves creamy, melting cheese. Whether as a practically portioned cheese wedge for snacking, as a cheese slice for topping burgers, sandwiches or bread, or as a spreadable pleasure, processed cheese is characterized by a wide variety of shapes and types.

Who doesn't know them? Creamy cheese wedges in the round box that people enjoyed nibbling as a child because they melt so creamy on the tongue. Because children love creamy, melting cheeese -  we were also the first to produce creamy cheese slices with motifs. For some years now, animal and smiley faces on cheese slices have delighted children's hearts.

Our spreadable processed cheese is a veteran in the kitchen and is often used to set sauces and soups, for gratinating or as a classic bread topping.

Our cheese slices are known for their particularly creamy note, which makes them popular for burgers and sandwiches. No matter what type of cheese it is - processed cheese slices with Gouda, Emmental or Cheddar - we offer a wide range.

Method of production

Anyone who thinks that processed cheese consists only of cheese left-overs is far from the truth. Our credo is: only good cheese as a base will make a good processed cheese.

At the beginning of the production of processed cheese, the respective type of cheese - if it is to be processed cheese slices with Gouda, of course, real Gouda cheese is also used - is crushed and gently melted, similar to raclette or cheese fondue. As soon as the cheese is completely melted, it is mixed with other ingredients such as spices and can be filled into different shapes. Regardless of whether it is a slice, a wedge or in a tub, all variants have one thing in common: the creamy consistency that melts on the tongue.