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Cream Cheese


Cream cheese - the only cheese that does not need to be ripened, but can be enjoyed immediately after its production. Our cream cheese is characterized by a soft texture and a refreshingly sour note.

Product variety and use

Cream cheese stands for a large number of different types of cheese, ranging from curd to double cream cheese and grainy cottage cheese.

The classic cream cheese, natural or refined with herbs, vegetables or aromatic spices, is very popular. Sheep and goat milk varieties, which mostly originate in southern Europe, are also gaining popularity in the whole world.

Thanks to its fresh taste and creaminess, cream cheese can be used in many ways: classic on bread, or to refine pasta, sauces and soups. Cream cheese is also popular for delicious treats such as American cheesecake.

Method of production

With the addition of lactic acid bacteria and microbial rennet, milk is made to curdle. After a few hours, the curd is separated into cream cheese and sour whey using a separator. Finally, the cream cheese can be refined with fresh herbs, vegetables or aromatic spices.