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Soft ripened cheese


Soft ripened cheese is still associated with original French cheese indulgence and this type of cheese should definitely not be missing on a cheese platter. We live up to this expectation and produce our soft ripened cheeses in the traditional way in our French cheese factory in Dieue, located in the Loraine region of France.

Product variety and use

Soft ripened cheeses round off the taste experience and open up a wide variety of products: from creamy, mild, classic brie to savory, piquant red smear soft ripened cheese. Soft ripened cheese develops its unique character when served at room temperature. Certain types of soft ripened cheese are also suitable for refining and cooking. Soft ripened cheese with a strong red culture gives the dish an intense note, soft ripened cheese with white mold (Camembert) a classic creamy note. Soft ripened cheese melts evenly and, therefore, is also suitable for gratinating or for raclette.

Method of production

The production of soft ripened cheese is not easy and requires a lot of experience.

Compared to other types of cheese, for the production of soft ripened cheese, not only lactic acid bacteria but also noble mold cultures are added to the milk at the beginning of the cheese-making process. With certain varieties, the soft cheese is sprinkled with noble mold cultures before maturing. This is how the well-known white noble mold rind is made.

When the soft ripened cheese rind is orange-red to brownish, the soft cheese was treated with brine and red culture bacteria during the ripening process creating and instense taste.